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The Texas Global Soccer Academy programs follow a researched and proven approach to player development. The following information introduces each one of our curriculums, operating philosophy, and the methods and structure used to deliver the session:

Mission Statement

Our goal is to offer multiple opportunities to teach and provide support for community youth soccer programs.

Our Philosophy 

We work to create a fun and challenging environment where players have the opportunity to learn.

Our Player Development Rationale 

The Texas Global Soccer Academy believes in a building block approach to player development. At a young age, mastery of the ball is critical for a child’s future progress. Players follow a path focused on technique and skill development, as competency increases, tactical (decision-making) elements are introduced.

Within each building block, an extensive curriculum is offered. The following information presents the TGSA’s Building Blocks of Player Development:

Method 1: Inspire

Players need to develop a motivation and desire to work hard during training sessions and during their own time away from structured sessions.

Every player-coach interaction serves as an opportunity to develop a passion and love for the game.

Method 2: Expert Coaching

For a player’s ability to improve, they require accurate and concise information, combined with specific and immediate individual feedback.

An adaptive coaching style is used to ensure that every player is developed during the training session; the objective is to create players who are independent thinkers.

Method 3: Repetitive

Repetition and deliberate practice is the key to learning. To master new skills, players need to receive a high frequency of realistic situations that offer maximum ball contact.

Players must be challenged to work at a high intensity that replicates game environment.

Session Structure

The following table provides an overview of how a typical session would be structured.


% of Time

Key Points



Primary focus is to maximize ball contact

One ball per player to develop skill mastery

Main Activity


Focus on one central theme per session

Technical application to skill mastery

Techniques introduced on a scale from non-opposed to fully opposed

Conditioned Play


Small-sided group play

Conditions added to reinforce the application
of skill

Activities to goal with many attacking and defending opportunities



The session ends with a competitive scrimmage

Cool Down


Stretching and learning closure review

For more information about soccer coaching and getting trained by a private soccer coach, contact us in Dallas, Texas.

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